Our Practice

We are a full service animal hospital providing comprehensive healthcare services to pets in Firestone, Frederick, Dacono and the greater tri-town area. Our veterinary hospital is well equipped with advanced equipment and technologies to provide the highest standard of care for your pet. Our facility has the equipment to provide comprehensive in house testing for accurate diagnosis, digital x-ray, ultrasound, surgical suite, dental suite, pharmacy, pet boarding and more.

  • Dr. Lesya Ukrainchuk

    Medical Director

    Dr. Lesya was born with a love of animals and wanted from the time she was a kid to make sick animals healthy. Dr. Lesya believes in really listening to the patients and clients and working together for the best solutions for them. She believes strongly in preventive medicine, a healthy nutrition and lifestyle, and love to teach pet parents about it. She feels that her job is to be a resource and a guide for the amazing journey of pet parenthood!

  • Dr. Roger Bagg


    “Being a veterinarian is the best job in the world! Helping pets through illness and accidents is what it’s all about… and keeping them healthy. People who have pets are a class above the rest – great to talk to and listen to what’s important to them. Locating in Colorado near the mountains adds to the excitement of living. I like to say there’s two seasons to the year, “ski” season and “off” season. But “off” season can easily be filled with camping, hiking, fishing and motorcycle trips!”

  • Dr. Vanessa Palomares


    Dr. Palomares joined Carbon Valley Animal Hospital in the summer of 2021. With special interests in dentistry and preventative medicine, she believes that all animals deserve the highest standard of care so they can enjoy happy lives with their human companions. Dr. Palomares loves to spend time with her rescue goats and chickens. She also enjoys working with epoxy resin, painting, and sculpting.

  • Angelique Martinez

    Veterinary Technician

    I  absolutely love working with animals. It is my life’s passion and I could not see myself doing anything else. When I am not at work I enjoy hiking, fishing and camping. I am also very passionate about spicy foods!

  • Julissa Deleon


    I have been working at Carbon Valley Animal Hospital since May 2016! At home, I have to take care of my fur babies.  I have 2 dogs (Petey and Warrior), 2 ferrets (Bubby and Wubby), 1 chinchilla (Pika), and one very well fed cat (Baby).

    I enjoy walking my ferrets and have a niche for anything beauty related!